Travel Around The World With The Choice Privileges Visa Card


The Choice Privileges Visa Card puts a little more spending power in your hand because you can go on vacation and avoid paying for some or all of your lodging, depending on how many rewards points you gain from using your card.

The Choice Privileges Visa Card is a point rewards card that makes traveling more affordable, but it also has other benefits, such as the ability to transfer the balances from higher interest cards to this lower interest card.

There is also no annual fee and a highly competitive interest rate. This makes the card more affordable and enhances the effectiveness of the points in saving you money on your hotel stays. Cardholders also automatically receive Elite Gold status. This status offers cardholders the ability to book their free nights weeks in advance of what they would normally be able to book them. Also, every time a cardholder earns points for eligible stays, they receive a point bonus.

Fast Point Accrual

Point accrual is fast and starts with the bonus points that are awarded with the first purchase. These first purchase bonus points are rather generous. Then the cardholder receives another set of bonus points after paying for a stay with the card. The bonuses together result in enough points to receive several free nights at any of the many Choice Privileges locations.

You can then earn a number of points per dollar spent at any of the over 4,000 Choice Privileges locations, several points per dollar spent on additional Choice Privileges points or Choice Hotel gift cards. Even the everyday purchase point value for every dollar spent is above average. You receive more than one point per dollar and all of this allows you to accumulate your points rather quickly. That way you can collect your points and save on your hotel costs when you are traveling.

Your points accrual is enhanced even more because the automatic Elite Gold Status allows cardholders to receive point bonuses every time points are earned for eligible stays. Eligible free stays can also be booked much further in advance than they would be without the membership.

Cardholders should allow 4 to 6 weeks for all points, including the first stay and first use bonus points, to appear in their rewards program account. To redeem your points once they show in your account, you simply log into the rewards program account or you can call the Choice Hotels Service Center number. This information will be provided in the rewards program terms and conditions that come with the card.

Using The Account

The account is easy to use. There isn't a lot that needs to be kept track of. However, you do need to know what the fees are for certain actions and what your balance and available credit is. You can check all of this through the account management screen.

All you do is login to your account online and you can see your balance, available credit, transactions, and even statements. When you apply for the card, you can opt to receive paper statements or electronic statements. If you choose to receive them electronically via paperless billing, then you can view your statements online whenever you want. This even allows you to review your transactions so you can ensure they are correct.

As for the fees, know that you can pay off your balance within the 23 days after the close of your billing cycle in order to avoid having to pay the purchase APR. However, you still have to pay the APR associated with balance transfers and cash advances. Those will always be charged and so will their fees. Their fees are a percentage of the transaction or a minimum dollar amount, whichever is greater.

If you make a late payment, there will be a late payment fee. There is also a returned payment fee if a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or for another reason. If a returned payment results in a late payment, then it is possible to be charged both fees. If charged both fees and the balance goes over the credit limit, there is no over-the-limit fee. In fact, there is never an over-the-limit since more can't be spent on the card than what is available.

International Use

The card can be used in other countries. All you have to do is make sure is that the establishment you are using the card at accepts Visa. Nonetheless, there is a charge associated with use in a foreign country. If you decide to do so, the fee is a percentage of the transaction. This percentage is charged in U.S. dollars.

When traveling with your card internationally, you can monitor your card through your online account management screen. You just have to make sure that you use a secure connection so that your information is protected. You can view your balance, your available credit, and you can even make a payment if you need to. You may also want to check transactions. If you notice any suspicious activity, call the customer service line as soon as possible. If your card is lost or stolen while traveling internationally, you will want to report it lost or stolen so that anyone who may have the card cannot use it.

This is an easy account to have. You don't have a lot to keep track of outside of your points. You can also transfer the balances of high interest cards to this card. You can even have some control over how much the card costs you.


The Choice Privileges Visa Card is a card that rewards you for your use and you do have control over its cost. It is also easy to manage and all without an annual fee. It is an affordable card and one that will save you money when you travel.

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