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If you are a student or the parent of a student, you are considering financial options until graduation day. Since a student is normally beginning his or her financial history, this is a great way to create a positive history that will benefit the student for many years to come. This may be your first sojourn into finance, so let’s consider possible credit card options: Customization, good introductory offers, no annual fee, minimal interest rates, no minimum or co-signer, Thank You points, rewards programs, cash advances and balance transfers. You are accustomed to studying, so get a nice bottle of filtered water and study the student credit card offers. Surely, the one for you is listed. When you have found the one that get an A+... apply online.

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Student Advantage Card
  • Special Offer: $20 full year membership
  • Try Student Advantage for 30 days
  • Shop online or around campus
  • Save up to 50% at thousands of locations by showing your Card
  • Discount travel deals on airfare, rail fares and bus tickets
  • Entertainment discounts on MP3s, DVDs, books and movie tickets
  • Discount fashion including clothing, footwear and accessories

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