Green Dot <i>primor</i> Mastercard Gold Secured Credit Card

Consumer (Secured) Card Offer from Other Issuers.

Basic Information

  • Credit lines available from $200 to $5,000! Super Low Fixed 9.99% interest rate on purchases - with no penalty rate!
  • No minimum credit score requirements! We invite all credit types to apply! No processing or application fees!
  • Helps strengthen your credit with responsible card use. Reports to three national bureaus
  • Fast, easy application process. Choose your credit line and open your Personal Savings Deposit Account to secure your line.
  • See additional Green Dot primor® Mastercard® Gold Secured Credit Card details

N/A* Intro APR

N/A*Intro APR Period

Accepts All*Credit Needed

25 days*Grace Period

Up to $29*Late Payment Fee

APR: 9.99%* Fixed
Card Network:MasterCard®
Card Type:- Card for Bad Credit
- Instant Decision Card
- Low Interest Credit Card

Card Review

Product Rating:
Ratings (4 out of 5)

Secured credit cards have grown in popularity because of the versatility and freedom. With this primor Secured Mastercard gold card, you're not anchored to any terms that make it difficult for you to justify using. Your MasterCard is ideal for traveling, online shopping and the everyday uses that require a credit card. It's just a better financial choice. The best secured cards are far safer than carrying cash and choosing the right card offers protections that cash can never deliver. Remember, conduct your due diligence and do a bit of comparison shopping. While we're confident you won't find a better deal, we also know that you too will see firsthand the difference our products offer. As always, if you have questions, we encourage you to explore the website or contact our customer service team. This experienced and qualified team of people stand ready to answer any of your questions. What are you waiting for? Come see why more consumers are turning to primor.

The review is prepared by staff. Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.

Rewards & Benefits

Other Benefits:*See Terms and Conditions of the card for other benefits
Credit Reporting:Yes

Card Finance & Rates

Introductory APR:N/A*
Introductory Period:N/A*
APR on Purchases: 9.99%* Fixed
Annual Fee:$49*
Maximum Credit Line:$5,000

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:No*

Cash Advances

APR on Cash Advances:18.99%

Other Fees

Additional Fees: Foreign Transaction: 3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Returned Payment: Up to $29
Additional Card Fee: $29


The information provided for the Green Dot primor® Mastercard® Gold Secured Credit Card is considered to be accurate at the time of posting (Oct 19, 2018). However, we strongly advise site visitors to check the terms and conditions applicable to the product on the card issuers application page prior to completing an application.

Application Security

Please note that all applications feature secure SSL technology for your online protection.

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