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Consumer (Regular) Card Offer from Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Basic Information

  • You must be a PenFed member to apply. Not yet a member? It's easy to join!
  • You may be eligible through your employment, association membership, and volunteerism, or by becoming a member of one of our nonprofit partner organizations.
  • Absolutely no fees - no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, no balance transfer fee, no cash advance fee, no late fee, no over credit limit fee, and no penalty fee.
  • 7.49% introductory purchase APR for the first 36 months. After that, the APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate, and is currently 9.99% APR.
  • 4.99% APR promotional balance transfer rate for life of balance on transfers made between October 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012.
  • After December 31, the APR for any new balance transfers will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate, and is currently 9.99%.
  • No-fee cash advances carry a 9.99% variable APR.

7.49%* Intro APR

36 months*Intro APR Period

Excellent*Credit Needed

25 days*Grace Period

$0.00*Late Payment Fee

APR: 9.99%* Variable
Card Network:VISA®
Card Type:- Eco-Friendly Card
- Low Interest Credit Card
- No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card

Card Review

Product Rating:
Ratings (5 out of 5)

The PenFed Promise Visa Card is not like other credit cards currently on the market. This credit card is a bold new invention against other credit cards out there today. With the absolutely no fee promise of this credit card, cardholders can enjoy the benefits of not having to pay a list of hefty fee penalties or hidden fees.

Cardholders do not have to worry about balance transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, cash advance fees, late payment fees, over credit limit fees, returned payment fees, or annual fees. In addition to the absolutely no fees promise, cardholders can enjoy the benefit of a no minimum interest charge and the no penalty APR.

Users of this card can also enjoy a low introductory rate that can last up to 36 months when offer is valid. This low rate and lasting introductory rate is virtually non-existent in the credit card market today.

The review is prepared by staff. Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.

Rewards & Benefits

Other Benefits:See Terms and conditions of the offer.
Credit Reporting:Yes

Card Finance & Rates

Introductory APR:7.49%*
Applied Towards:Purchases
Introductory Period:36 months*
APR on Purchases: 9.99%* Variable
Annual Fee:$0*

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:Yes*
APR on Balance Transfer:4.99%
Transfer Fee:0.00%
Transfer Period:Life of Balance*

Cash Advances

APR on Cash Advances:17.49%
Cash Advance Fee:0.00%

Other Fees

Additional Fees: - Returned Payment Fee: None
- Late Payment Fee: None
- Over Credit Limit Fee: None
- Foreign Transaction Fee: None
- Balance Transfer Fee: None


- Absolutely No Fees! Introductory Purchase Rate – 7.49% APR for the first 36 months.
- You must be a Pentagon Federal Credit Union member to apply. Not a member? It's easy to join. You must be a United States Government employee, member of the United States Military and Uniformed Services, employee or volunteer of the American Red Cross, member of the National Military Family Association, or a family member/housemate of a current PenFed member.

The information provided for the PenFed Promise Credit Card is considered to be accurate at the time of posting (Mar 4, 2013). However, we strongly advise site visitors to check the terms and conditions applicable to the product on the card issuers application page prior to completing an application.

Application Security

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