Horizon Gold Credit Card Offers Unique Charge Card Benefits


The Horizon Gold Credit card is a charge card that offers a line of credit for cardholders to use in the Horizon online store. The credit line is a rather generous one and one that allows individuals to buy merchandise that they may not be able to buy under normal circumstances. With low fees and courtesy programs, the card is an affordable one to have.

The Horizon Gold Credit Card is a rather simple card to own, which is initially made evident through the easy application and the cut and dry road to approval.

The application process starts with a very simple form that wants basic personal information and contact information. This form only takes minutes to fill out and submit. The card guarantees approval for all credit classes as long as the applicant is at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States.

The other requirement is that there is a valid and active credit or debit card attached to the account. This is because there are certain fees that will need to be charged to that account because they are not charged to the credit line account that can be used to make purchases in the online store.

The online store is one that gives cardholders the opportunity to purchase merchandise that they may not otherwise purchase without the credit line. In other words, cardholders are able to get the things they want and there are ways in which the card pays for itself over and over again.


The cost of the card is a simple setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee. These fees are charged to the debit or credit card that is on file at the time the account is opened. As for how much they are, they are very reasonable when compared to other charge cards within the same sector of the credit card industry. This is an important fact considering that there are some cards that charge hundreds of dollars before they can be used or the credit limit is immediately consumed by non-merchandise charges. With this card, cardholders are able to take advantage of the credit line that is afforded to them so they can start charging immediately.

Other costs include any fees associated with the transactions themselves. There are also shipping and handling fees that are based on the item and where it is going. There may be processing fees associated with transactions in lieu of the card having an annual percentage rate. This is an area where cardholders are able to save since APR is based on balance and can compound itself for quite some time if a balance is not paid off. In this case, you do not have to pay off the balance to save money. To keep the card active, the monthly membership fee is auto-debited from the debit or credit card that is on file. Then there are the courtesy programs and the money that they save. When you utilize these programs, you can ensure the card pays for itself. Be sure to check each month on these programs, as Horizon does reserve the right to make changes to them, cancel them, and offer new services as they become available.

Courtesy Programs

The courtesy programs are always subject to change as the card company decides. However, some of the most common charges include the prescription savings plan, which helps cardholders save money on their prescriptions at participating pharmacies. There may also be fuel savings at certain gas station chains, which can save a lot of money if you must drive a lot.

For those who like to travel or have long distances to travel to and from work, the roadside assistance program can help you if you lock yourself out of your car, have a flat tire, if you need gas because you ran out of gas, or if you need to be towed a short distance after breaking down. Roadside assistance is something that can save a great deal of money since a simple locksmith call tends to be quite expensive.

Another benefit is the credit monitoring, which allows you to spot discrepancies on your credit report. If you see activity that doesn't belong to you, then you will know to report it. If you see any errors at all, you can contact the credit bureau for answers. This service helps you monitor your privacy and the quality of your credit for free, which will save you the cost of using a professional monitoring service.

The legal assistance service is one that is given to you if you are in need of some kind of legal advice. Through legal advice, you can make informed decisions. The advice is given via highly qualified paralegals who are authorized to give legal advice on many different legal matters.

Account Management

Account management is simple in that you can manage your account by calling customer service or accessing it online. When you do either one of these, you are ensuring that you are keeping track of balances, available credit, and ensuring that you stay on top of things. Through customer service, you can have all of your questions answered, but you can also utilize the Customer Advocacy Department when you have a complaint regarding the company. The company strives to provide the best customer service, so they make it a priority to make sure that all customer concerns are taken care of.

With online access, you can do many of the things that you can do offline with the exception of asking questions to an actual person. You can also opt to receive your bills electronically rather than through the mail. If you prefer paper statements, then you can have them sent to you.


The Horizon Gold Credit card is a charge card that offers a generous line of credit that can be used in the company’s online store. There are courtesy programs that allow for generous savings that can far outweigh the cost of the monthly maintenance fee and any other fees associated with this card that is among the most affordable in its sector.

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