Get Free Hotel Nights With Wyndham Rewards Visa Signature Card


The Wyndham Rewards Visa Signature Card earns rewards points for use. These points can then be used at any of the many participating Wyndham family of hotels. Purchases and balance transfers earn points on this no annual fee card so you can save on travel.

The Wyndham Rewards Visa Signature Card is a rewards credit card that awards points to cardholders as they use their card for purchases and balance transfers. These points can then be used to redeem for free nights at many of the participating hotels within the entire Wyndham family of hotels. There are over a dozen chains in the Wyndham family of hotels, so there are plenty of options for you when you want to redeem your points to save money on your travel.

But first, you have to fill out an online application, request an application by mail, or apply by phone with Barclays, the card issuer, in order to get the card.

30-Second Credit Decision

The application process is simple. All you have to do is provide basic information about yourself. This means you need to include identifying information, your income, whether or not you have performed cash advances, and what your income is. You will need to provide your security information and you can specify whether or not you wish to do any balance transfers.

In order to fill out this application and accept the terms and conditions, you have to be at least 18 years of age, a U.S. Citizen, and you do need an income to show you can make your payments. You must also meet Barclays' credit requirements. If you do, then you will be approved at the end of the 30-second credit decision. After card approval, you will receive the card within a couple of weeks. Once you receive your card and activate it, you can begin using it.

Earning Points

Earning points is not very difficult since you can earn points on everyday purchases. You even earn enough bonus points for free nights at Wyndham hotels when you use your card the first time and you are awarded bonus points. From there, you earn points for every dollar spent and you earn even more when you use your Wyndham Rewards Visa at Wyndham locations.

You can monitor your points through the Wyndham Rewards website. If you are already a member prior to applying for the card, you can connect your member number with the card during the application process. Any rewards you have already earned through the program will be combined with any you earn through the card.

Card Security

One way in which the card is made more secure is through the ability to have statements delivered online. This is very important because it has several benefits. The first is the fact that you can reduce your carbon footprint. The second is that you are able to view your statement at any time. You do not have to worry about it coming through the mail and getting lost or somehow ending up in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, some cases of identity theft are the direct results of individuals getting a hold of statements because they are delivered to the wrong address or because an identity thief took it from their mailbox. Through online delivery while using a secure computer, you can keep your statement out of the wrong hands. You can also sit at your computer and view it any time you want. You don't ever have to worry about misplacing statements.

If something does happen that your account has fraudulent use, you can contact Barclays as soon as possible to report it. That way appropriate action can be taken.


The APR can be quite low with this card. When you are approved, your creditworthiness determines what your APR will be. On the low end, it is rather low. On the high end, the APR can be considered average for a rewards card. However, the low APR is also met with the fact that there is no annual fee on this card. This is something else that is beneficial to this card because it allows the points to be worth more.

However, a cardholder can enhance the benefits of the points even more with the fact that balances can be paid off in full prior to the due date in order to avoid the purchase APR. This can save a great deal of money if the balance can be paid off over and over again. However, the balance transfer and cash advance APR will still apply even when the account is paid in full. The fees associated with balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions will all still apply as well.

The time when the APR doesn't stay low is if there is a late payment made. Barclays will assess a penalty APR and they may decide to do so indefinitely. In addition to the penalty APR, a late fee is assessed. If a returned payment occurs due to insufficient funds in the account making the payment, a returned payment fee is charged to the account. If the returned payment results in a late payment, both fees will be charged. What you won't see is an over-the-limit fee. If your card goes over the credit limit because of Barclays' fees, you won't be charged a fee. You may, however, have a minimum payment that requires you to pay your card to a balance that is under the limit. If you try to make a purchase and not enough funds are on the card, the transaction will simply not go through. This is something that can help you keep your costs low.

Final Word

The Wyndham Rewards Visa Signature Card is a quality rewards card that saves individuals money whether they travel a lot or not. Each tier of rewards points that are earned can be redeemed for free nights. In addition to low fees and a reasonable APR, the points can pay off.

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