Frequent Flyer Programs and BA Visa Signature Card


If you like to travel between the United States and Europe, then it might be a good idea to check out what the British Airways Visa Signature Card can do for you. There are many great credit cards out there, but this one has features specifically designed for people like you.

Frequent Flyer Miles Overview

It is very common, these days, to find a credit card that offers Frequent Flyer Miles as an incentive program. In fact, the Frequent Flyer program is one of the oldest incentive programs in all of commerce. It rewards you for consistently using the same air carrier every time you fly. Therefore, the more you fly with a particular airline, the more benefits you could receive.

These days, though, with different kinds of companies merging to create multi-tiered partnerships, you can fly with a family of carriers and receive access to more benefits at a more flexible pace. Many Frequent Flyer programs also partner with other travel services like hotels, bringing you even more options for saving money and earning incentive rewards. This has been quite a successful business model for many years.

Credit Card Affiliates

Credit card companies have been partnering with airlines for decades, with a mutual understanding that their relationship has the potential to be beneficial for everyone involved. For instance, the BA Visa Signature Card brings together the global buying power of Visa and one of the world’s leading Trans-Atlantic passenger air carriers for a unique credit experience that is difficult to compete with.

Flight and Travel Benefits

This Chase credit card offers many comprehensive flight and travel-related benefits that are among the best currently on the market.

  • Visa access at millions of merchants across the globe
  • Points on the dollar for all standard purchases
  • Double points when you use your card towards British Airways airfare
  • Up to 50,000 bonus miles in your first year
  • Use your points towards any round trip Trans-Atlantic British Airways flight
  • The Travel Together Ticket bonus companion fare
  • No foreign exchange fees when you use your card abroad

As you can see, anyone who likes to travel the world would benefit from a credit card with an airline affiliation like the British Airways Card. In fact, if you frequently fly with British Airways, this card will make it seem like the incentive program was designed just for you!

Other Benefits and Features

As you might expect, this credit card also offers other benefits that can compete with others on the market. Along with flight and travel benefits, of course, you might also appreciate that the rates are also highly competitive. With this card you will be able to save money with decent rates on:

You can also save money by avoiding interest rates all together. You have 21 days to pay off the full balance of all new purchases before interest will begin to accrue. This is a feature that is common to many cards, but the number of days in the grace period can vary.

Of course, as a credit card carrier, you probably expect to pay some fees and the BA Card is no different. Most of the fees that you will be required to pay are associated to penalties, though, so they are easy to avoid. This includes fees for actions like:

  • Late payments
  • Going over your credit limit
  • Returned payments
  • Returned checks

There are also maintenance fees, which are also quite common to credit cards

  • Annual fee
  • Balance transfer fee
  • Cash advance fee

Balance transfer and cash advance fees are usually either a flat rate, like $10 per transaction, or a percentage of the transaction, often 5%. Of course, these rates can vary depending on the credit card company, the terms of your credit card, or even the credit limit for which you are approved.


The British Airways Visa Signature Card is a competitive credit product that focuses on helping you get the most out of your Trans-Atlantic travel. Everything you buy will earn you points towards British Airways airfares, but you could also save money with lower interest rates and no foreign exchange fees.

Unique Platinum

Unique Platinum
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
APR: 0.00%*
Annual Fee: N/A*

Green Dot primor® Mastercard® Classic Secured Credit Card

Green Dot  <i>primor®</i> Mastercard® Classic Secured Credit Card
Rating: 3.7 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
APR: 13.99%* (Fixed)
Annual Fee: $39*

Freedom Gold Card

Freedom Gold Card
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
APR: 0.00%*
Annual Fee: $0*

H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®

H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®
Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
Annual Fee: N/A*

Assent Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

Assent Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card
Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
APR: 24.74%* (Variable)
Annual Fee: See Terms*

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