Discover More Card with Operation Homefront $20 Donation


Credit card companies have found that offering incentives to their customers creates a lot of buzz. Consumers are attracted to the many different types of benefits that credit card companies offer. One of the most interesting incentives, though, is the opportunity to give to charity.

The Discover More Card is a great credit card that supports a great cause. When you are approved for this card, Discover Bank will donate $20 to support military families in need through the charity organization Operation Homefront. This is probably the easiest way to show your support for the troops (and you still get access to one of the most competitive credit cards on the market right now.

The application process is very simple, particularly since you can do it all online. All they need to know is your name, e-mail address, phone number, and your physical address including state and zip code. They will also ask you for your employment status. They will also run a credit check too, of course.

The most interesting piece of information they will ask for, though, is what kind of design you want on your card. You can choose from patriotic, leisure, landscapes, colors, and many other of your favorite visual designs. This helps to make the whole process feel more personal, which in turn helps to make your credit experience feel personal as well.

Interest Rates

Of course, as a credit card, this Discover More Card carries many different interest rates. Credit cards assign different interest rates to each of the different balances that you could charge to your card:

The two interest rates that should interest you most are the first two because you could be approved for an extremely low interest rate on standard purchases and balance transfers for up to the first 15 months of opening your account. After 15 months, though, the interest rates will revert to a competitive rate that is based on the market prime rate at the time of your application.


You already know that the Discover More card with Operation Homefront $20 Donation comes with the benefit of charity: when you are approved for your new Discover Card, a $20 donation will be made to operation Homefront to support military families. However, this credit card has other benefits too. The most popular one is probably the 5% cash back bonus, which applies to a rotating stock of categories depending on the time of year:

  • Travel and Restaurants in the months of January through March
  • Home and Fashion products during the months of April through June
  • Grocery and Drug Store purchases In the month of June
  • Gas and Hotels from July through September
  • Restaurants and Fashion from October through December

As you can see, a few of the categories are mixed with others, which offers you a unique credit experience that changes every few months. Only Discover card offers this kind of rotating benefits package.

Other Rewards

While the Cashback bonus incentive is already one of the best programs out there, the card has even more to offer! Along with the cash rebate on the featured categories, you can also get a 5% to 20% Cashback bonus on anything you buy within the affiliate shopping mall. This is an online marketplace that features over 150 exclusive products and services from Discover affiliate partners. Furthermore, you will also get 1% Cashback on all other purchases automatically.

There is one thing that you should know about this Discover More Card and it is that you can actually retain your Cashback rebates in a variety of options. Instead of cash, you can elect to have your rebate sent back to you as:

  • Partner gift cards
  • Merchandise vouchers
  • Discover gift cards
  • Charitable donations


The Discover More Card – Operation Homefront $20 Donation gives you the opportunity to support the troops and save money with low introductory interest rates. You can also take advantage of cash back options, which is a common benefit that Discover Card offers its customers.

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