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The United Nations Financial Dream Job

In the financial sector, most believe a job with Visa or MasterCard is the “do all, end all”. But raise the bar: have you considered a position with the United Nations? It has an incredible position for those with financial …

Medical Identity Theft – You Need to be Concerned

You need to know the difference in identity theft and medical identity theft. Your very life could be at stake if your private medical information is somehow tainted with the one who steals your medical id.

Consumers Fight Back Against Credit Card Suits

Look for big changes in the debt collection industry as new regulations are almost a certainty and consumers are beginning to fight back against the predatory nature.

Next Step Card: A Prepaid Card For Recovering Addicts

Three former addicts have designed a new prepaid debit card designed to help others in recovery regain control of their financial future.

79 Banks Hacked

Hactivist Reckz0r might not have retired, despite his announcement last week. Now, he’s hacked at least 79 banks and culled the information – including credit card numbers.

Apple Entering Mobile Payment Platform?

Are we about to enter the iPay market? Maybe – if Apple has its way. Before that can happen, though, there are regulators and customers to convince.

11 Benefit from Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit

It could have been thousands of plaintiffs in a massive class action lawsuit. Instead, Heartland Payment Services was ordered to pay damages to only eleven of those consumers who opted in.

500 Days: The World Tomorrow

What is Julian Assange up to now? He’s plotting his revenge for the 500 day anniversary of both Visa and MasterCard refusing to honor consumers’ charges to the controversial site.

Credit Card Facts You Didn’t Know

Sure, we know how much we owe on our Visa, but we bet you don’t know these facts. Take a look back at this credit card trivia.

Credit Card Debt Blossoms by 424% in 2011

The numbers released today are giving some financial analysts something to worry about. Credit card debt is rising faster than the economy is improving.

Visa, MasterCard Say No to Erotica

The big credit card companies are throwing their weight around and using PayPal to do it. It announced that it would not accept payments from SmashWords when the book topics are erotica.

MasterCard Releases 4th Quarter Data

MasterCard’s much-anticipated 4th quarter earnings didn’t disappoint, despite a multi-million dollar charge the credit card giant took due to an ongoing class action lawsuit.

All Eyes on MasterCard’s Profits, Much at Stake

MasterCard is expected to release its 4th quarter earnings this morning. Analysts await the news for insight on the recovery efforts as well as how a new credit card law affects the economy.

Green Dot Goes Public

Green Dot goes public with its initial IPO offering on Friday. Shares are expected to sell between $32 and $35.

Taking on the Credit Card Payment Industry

One small restaurant in Utah is drawing the line in the sand and saying “enough” to the credit card industry and what it says is unfair business practices.

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