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Unique Platinum Shopping Credit Card

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Cyberheist Victim Sued by Bank

A recent phising scam resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being rerouted to a Russian bank. Now, the lawyer whose account was hacked and the bank that allowed it are prepared for a court battle.

Alabama Football Players Arrested for Stealing Credit Cards

Several Alabama football players are in legal hot water for assaulting and stealing cash and credit cards of other students.

Group Ceases Cyber Attacks Against U.S. Banks

al-Qassam Cyber Fighters announced they would no longer target American banks with their denial of service attacks. That could change though if other videos on YouTube aren’t removed.

Where Are Our Credit Card Extras?

Wondering where the protection extras are for your credit card? You might have been paying more than you realize – and CFPB is out to make sure you aren’t forced to do so.

Would You Buy Stock On Facebook?

Facebook truly is becoming intertwined with our lives outside the technological bubble. Now, we can even buy stock of our favorite companies – and it’s easy, streamlined and safe.

Waitress Arrested for Illegally Scanning Customer Info

In another arrest, this time in south Florida, a waitress is caught skimming customer credit card information from a Chili’s restaurant.

Minor Credit Card Scam?

Congressman Chris Murphy’s relection website was used as a testing ground for credit card thieves.

11 Benefit from Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit

It could have been thousands of plaintiffs in a massive class action lawsuit. Instead, Heartland Payment Services was ordered to pay damages to only eleven of those consumers who opted in.

Hawaii Sets the Pace for Bank Lawsuits

Hawaii says it’s had enough of banks’ deceptive practices. It sued seven of the nation’s biggest banks and credit card companies on Monday.

Computer Chips Hit 1 Million Mark

The switch in the U.S. has begun. Visa announced there are now 1 million credit cards and debit cards that have the new technology.

Missouri Mayor Investigated for Credit Card Fraud

An audit revealed Normandy, MO Mayor Patrick Green may have been using his city issued credit card fraudulently. An investigation is underway to determine if trips, airfare and shopping excursions at home improvement stores were lawful.

New Year, New Ways to Protect Credit

There are new ways to fend off those seeking to steal your identity, credit card information and other financial information. Now’s the time to incorporate it.

MetLife Study of Financial Fraud Against Older Americans

We should be able to trust our relatives, especially when it comes to caring for elderly parents and grandparents. A new report suggests some family members are never to be trusted with credit cards and financial documents of senior citizens. …

Credit Card Crimes That Require No Technology

Protecting your financial information online is important, but don’t assume thieves aren’t using those tried and true methods of yesterday.

Google Wallet Has Compromised Security

Trouble appears to be brewing for Google Wallet, specifically, a vulnerability found in Android apps might provide a hacker everything he needs to steal your credit card information.

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