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TurboTax Tax Refund Visa® Card

TurboTax Tax Refund Visa® Card

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<i>primor®</i> Secured Visa® Classic Card

<i>primor®</i> Secured Visa® Classic Card

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Easing Financial Stress

Know what your rights are as a consumer? Here are tips to handle collection agencies while lowering the financial stress.

Fair Credit Reporting Law: Compliance Mandatory – FTC

It could be your information is being hacked by those willing to sell the information. The FTC is cracking down on those not in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Law

Cyberheist Victim Sued by Bank

A recent phising scam resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being rerouted to a Russian bank. Now, the lawyer whose account was hacked and the bank that allowed it are prepared for a court battle.

600,000 Tax Refunds Are Delayed

Not really coming as a surprise, the bickering in Congress over fiscal cliff has now resulted in an error in some software that will spell a six week – or longer – delay for some tax refunds.

Rising Costs of Child Care A Growing Concern

A recent study has determined that the annual cost of childcare could cost more than rent for the average family of four, forcing more and more families to make tougher and tougher financial decisions.

Defaulting on Student Loans

Student loan defaults are on the rise. Here are a few things you should and what you can do to avoid going into default.

Bad News for Mortgage Industry

The good news is Costco is now in the mortgage sector, complete with lower fees. The bad news is new home sales are down and foreclosures are on the rise.

Buying a Home? Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Before applying for a mortgage, make sure your credit card debt is reasonable. There are more than a few things to keep in mind, including your debt to income ratios and employment.

Do Credit Card Disclosures Matter?

A new Harvard study reveals those new credit card disclosures on your monthly statements might not be hitting the mark. Here’s what they discovered.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Expands Proposal

Since its inception, the CFPB has quickly become the ‘go to’ place for consumers who feel they’ve been wronged by their credit card companies. Now it’s waiting approval from the Fed so that it can expand its powers.


Nancy Pelosi’s huge profits from a Visa IPO just might have long term repercussions if the STOCK Act is allowed to pass. It would make it illegal for politicians to profit from Wall Street. Is it too much or just …

MasterCard’s Prepaid Consumer Education

Checked out your credit card network’s website lately? These days, it’s all about consumer-friendly offers, such as MasterCard’s Prepaid Consumer Education program.

Using Your Credit Card on Black Friday

Black Friday is just hours away. Keep in mind these tips so that you and your credit card is safe as you move through the thousands of online bargains.

Another Reason for Teen Prepaid Credit Cards

A group of teens with one question with only one right answer yielded not only varying answers, but insight as to how many young people view APR and credit cards.

Visa’s Tier 4 Center

There’s something fascinating about getting an insider’s look in areas or networks we mere humans weren’t meant to see.

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