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Facebook’s Gift Card

We’ve all watched as Facebook tries to expand our dependence on it for all of our life’s decisions. Many of us, when we hear a rumor – whether it’s about a husband cheating on his wife in our community or …

Debt Collectors & Social Media

For some time now, debt collectors have turned to social media in order to keep up with those with delinquent accounts. Here’s what they can – and can’t – do.

Would You Buy Stock On Facebook?

Facebook truly is becoming intertwined with our lives outside the technological bubble. Now, we can even buy stock of our favorite companies – and it’s easy, streamlined and safe.

No Love for Luv2Like Promo

The Luv2Like promo, courtesy of Southwest Airlines and due to its millions of Facebook likes, failed miserably when the website was unable to handle the traffic or payment processes.

Nasdaq’s $40 Million Payout

Facebook continues to struggle with its new identity even as Nasdaq prepares a $40 million payout for its own shortcomings on May 18.

Credit Card: New App Platform?

170 million credit cards accounts – technology is nearing a new way of turning your smart phone into a credit card. Will it work?

Facebook Faces Class Action Suit

In a new class action lawsuit filed against Facebook and Morgan Stanley, the social networking site is accused of giving “pessimistic guidance”.

Should Facebook Unfriend Morgan Stanley?

What’s the behind the lukewarm Facebook offering? Some say a glitch in the overall system while others are pointing the finger at Morgan Stanley.

Does Your Credit Card Mesh with Your Social Networking?

Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare sound like a credit card company’s dream come true, but the 2009 CARD Act might complicate their efforts.

Why Business Owners Need AMEX YourBuzz

The American Express YourBuzz web app is an important element of any business owner’s social media presence. Learn more about the credit card company’s latest efforts in the digital world.

Citibank’s Social Media Success

CitiBank has upped the ante in the social media opportunities with its Thank You program. Other credit cards are following suit as more sponsors sign up for the Citi rewards program.

Your Friends Determine Whether You’re Approved for Credit?

Facebook and Twitter play a bigger role than you might think when it comes to your approval for that low interest credit card. The better their credit, the better your odds of getting approved.

MasterCard’s Prepaid Consumer Education

Checked out your credit card network’s website lately? These days, it’s all about consumer-friendly offers, such as MasterCard’s Prepaid Consumer Education program.

What Happened to Bank Transfer Day?

Wondering if Bank Transfer Day met its mission? Hard numbers aren’t yet available, but in the days leading up to November 5, more than 650,000 Americans left their national chains in search of local credit unions and smaller banks.

Visa, MasterCard Buying Power: Black Friday

Make no mistake: the credit card companies are pulling out all the stops this holiday season. Check out the shopping through your credit card’s websites and take advantage of their Twitter and Facebook pages, too, for even more savings.

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