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Consumer Credit Cards Complaint Site

The banking industry will likely fight efforts for more transparency. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to publish consumer complaints.

Waitress Arrested for Illegally Scanning Customer Info

In another arrest, this time in south Florida, a waitress is caught skimming customer credit card information from a Chili’s restaurant.

FBI Says Credit Card Skimming on Rise

We know criminals like to stay a step ahead of the law when it comes debit card and credit card theft. Here’s the latest on what you can do to protect your identity.

Minor Credit Card Scam?

Congressman Chris Murphy’s relection website was used as a testing ground for credit card thieves.

Oh, Obama – Campaign Disables Credit Card Verification Code

It happened in 2008, though it went largely unnoticed; now, though, the Obama campaign has once again disabled its credit card verification for online donations. Is your credit card safe?

Anonymous 2.0 Strikes with Massive Credit Card Hack

Anonymous may have been crippled over the weekend, but The Consortium was waiting on the sidelines and made its presence known with a breach of 30,000 credit card accounts from DigitalPlayground.

Is Anonymous a Threat to Credit Card Consumers?

Anonymous, the global hacking group that’s claimed credit for many penetrations into an impressive – and growing – list of agencies just released…

Russians Indicted in American Credit Card Scam

Vladimir Zdorovenine and his son Kirill Zdorovenine have been indicted for credit card fraud, wire fraud and computer fraud. Kirill is still at large while his father is in American custody and preparing to stand trial.

New Year, New Ways to Protect Credit

There are new ways to fend off those seeking to steal your identity, credit card information and other financial information. Now’s the time to incorporate it.

Anonymous Claims Credit Card Theft

The hack group Anonymous spent its Christmas stealing credit card information from Stratfor, a security think tank in Texas.

200,000 Credit Cards Hacked

One New York based company announced 200,000 of its customers’ credit cards were stolen and the information, including names, verification codes and expiration dates, were routed to Russia.

Visa, Discover Differ on Disposable Card Numbers

Do you incorporate disposable credit card numbers while shopping online? If you’re a Discover consumer, you won’t have the option after September 8, 2011.

Small Business Owners Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you’re not vulnerable to hackers looking to steal credit card numbers. The FBI and Secret Service say it’s a growing problem and it’s costing these small business owners.

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