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Small Business Owners Being Targeted

If you’re a small business owner, be on the lookout for a letter from the IRS that will make an audit seem like kids play.

Easing Financial Stress

Know what your rights are as a consumer? Here are tips to handle collection agencies while lowering the financial stress.

Student Loan Debt Worsens

Equifax released numbers this week that serves as a reminder that the economy isn’t good on all fronts; student loan debt is more worrisome than even credit card debt.

Banks Losing Because of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are quickly becoming mainstream. Bank fees are on the rise again and it makes sense for many consumers to choose fee friendly options.

Consumers Fight Back Against Credit Card Suits

Look for big changes in the debt collection industry as new regulations are almost a certainty and consumers are beginning to fight back against the predatory nature.

Where Are Our Credit Card Extras?

Wondering where the protection extras are for your credit card? You might have been paying more than you realize – and CFPB is out to make sure you aren’t forced to do so.

AMEX Must Compensate Customers

American Express was ordered to pay $85 million to 250, 000 of its customers and CFPB is making sure it happens sooner rather than later.

Consumer Credit Cards Complaint Site

The banking industry will likely fight efforts for more transparency. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to publish consumer complaints.

Do Credit Card Disclosures Matter?

A new Harvard study reveals those new credit card disclosures on your monthly statements might not be hitting the mark. Here’s what they discovered.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Expands Proposal

Since its inception, the CFPB has quickly become the ‘go to’ place for consumers who feel they’ve been wronged by their credit card companies. Now it’s waiting approval from the Fed so that it can expand its powers.

CFPB Officially Unveils Simpler Credit Card Agreement

The new agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as promised, has announced its idea of how terms and conditions with our credit cards should look look. Read more about these long-awaited changes.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wasting No Time

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to aggressively search for solutions for the thousands of credit card complaints it’s received since its inception.

Yet Another Reason Terms and Conditions Matter

The lack of a preset spending limit might seem like a great idea for Chase Freedom MasterCard users. Check the terms and conditions, though, you might be surprised what it really means.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: 5000 Complaints

The CFPB has been busy since its inception three months ago. It’s received more than 5,000 consumer complaints regarding their credit cards terms and conditions as well as confusion over how APR is calculated.

Credit Card Protection: Needed Service or Junky Product?

Do you have credit card insurance policies on any of your accounts? You may discover difficulties should you ever attempt to use it, at least, according to some consumer watchdogs. A new agency is preparing to investigate.

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