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Bank of America’s Countrywide Regret

Whether or not Bank of America was forced to buy Countrywide is moot, it’s bigger problem is the federal lawsuit that’s been filed by the U.S. Government.

Of Course They Did: Banks Misuse Small Biz Funding

Many are demanding to know why billions of dollars set aside for small business owners went to repay TARP funds instead. Meanwhile, small business owners continue to struggle with fewer financing options.

Bank of America CEO Moynihan Receives Millions in Bonuses

Bank CEO salaries are released at the same time a new report comes out that is anything but good for SEC and nation’s banks.

Banks Losing Because of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are quickly becoming mainstream. Bank fees are on the rise again and it makes sense for many consumers to choose fee friendly options.

JPMorgan New CFO Female Version of Dimon?

Marianne Lake was named as JPMorgan Chase CFO on Monday. Chase CEO Jamie Dimon made the announcement.

One Year Later: Bank Transfer Day

One year later, does Bank Transfer Day still hold its own in the financial sector?

Where Are Our Credit Card Extras?

Wondering where the protection extras are for your credit card? You might have been paying more than you realize – and CFPB is out to make sure you aren’t forced to do so.

Security Analysts Struggle as Bank Attacks Continue

Could the bank attacks the include denial of service outage continue for months? And what’s next for the foreign group that’s claimed responsibility?

JPMorgan Faces Another Lawsuit

Jamie Dimon and his bank are facing more legal problems as a new lawsuit is filed on Monday by the state of New York – and it says it will use the Martin Act in its efforts.

Is Iran Behind Bank Cyber Attacks?

Senator Joe Lieberman (I -CT) believes the rash of bank cyber attacks over the past several days lands on the doorstep of Iran. In fact, he believes Iran has targeted the American financial system because of recent U.S. sanctions that …

Bank of America: No-Swipe Credit Cards

Bank of America is getting ready to present its own chip technology. It’s believed to be safer than the traditional magnetic strip.

Busy Economic Week Ahead

There’s a lot coming down the economic line this week, including home sales reports and 2nd quarter reports from CitiBank and Bank of America. Ben Bernanke will testify before Congress, too.

Payouts Expected, Says Independent Foreclosure Review

From wrong fee structures to wrongful foreclosures, there are many resources for victims of the robo-signing scandal. Servicemembers have more options than many realize, too.

Banks Downgraded and Stock Market Dives

Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Citi and a dozen more global banks were downgraded on Thursday by Moody’s. The stock market closed down by 250 points as a result.

Fannie Mae’s New CEO

Fannie Mae announced it had named a new CEO. Timothy Mayopoulos’s straightforward attitude and leadership is only wisely. He’s expected to take over on June 18.

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