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Credit One Bank® Visa® Credit Card with 1% Cash Back

Credit One Bank® Visa® Credit Card with 1% Cash Back

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Next Millennium Shopping Card

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Consumers Fight Back Against Credit Card Suits

Look for big changes in the debt collection industry as new regulations are almost a certainty and consumers are beginning to fight back against the predatory nature.

Are Free Checking Accounts Going to the Wayside?

Having problems finding free checking accounts? Fewer are being offered these days, but there are ways around it.

No Love for Luv2Like Promo

The Luv2Like promo, courtesy of Southwest Airlines and due to its millions of Facebook likes, failed miserably when the website was unable to handle the traffic or payment processes.

Credit Card Fraud and the Elderly

One of the most disturbing crimes in society are those committed against the elderly. Identity, cash and credit card theft are on the rise. Here’s what you can do to protect your loved ones.

Child ID Theft on the Rise

Child identity theft represents a growing – and disturbing trend. Often, it’s not until a child grows up and applies for a new credit card or auto loan that he realizes he’s been victimized.

Troubling Times at Bank of America

Bank of America took billions in TARP funds without ever having to show its balance sheets, then the $5 debit card fees ignited the Occupy Wall Street movement and now the Justice Department orders it pay millions in fines for …

Credit Card Crimes That Require No Technology

Protecting your financial information online is important, but don’t assume thieves aren’t using those tried and true methods of yesterday.

CFPB Officially Unveils Simpler Credit Card Agreement

The new agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as promised, has announced its idea of how terms and conditions with our credit cards should look look. Read more about these long-awaited changes.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wasting No Time

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to aggressively search for solutions for the thousands of credit card complaints it’s received since its inception.

Is Wal Mart Bank Closer to Becoming a Reality?

Wal Mart has quietly been reining in consumers with its lower fees on everything from prepaid debit cards to lower fees for cashing checks. Could a move into chartered banking territory be in the works?

Bank of America Makes its Next Move

Bank of America announced today that after giving it a bit more thought, its new $5 debit card fee has officially been abandoned. How much of a role did Occupy Wall Street and Bank Transfer Day play?

Folks in Deep South More Apt to be Unbanked

If you reside in the southeast and specifically in Mississippi, you may not have a bank. 16% of Mississippi residents don’t. The southeast has more unbanked residents than any other region in the nation. This may limit them to access …

Does Bank Transfer Day Change Everything?

Occupy Wall Street was first and it was just a matter of time before a push for abandoning the big banks in lieu of local credit unions would begin. Bank Transfer Day is slated for November 5.

The Domino Effect: CitiBank Announces New Fees

CitiBank is the next in what’s sure to be a long line of banks announcing new fees. Customers are more than a little upset and many are taking their business back to their community credit unions.

Credit Card Companies Should Pay Attention to PayPal

The latest credit card technology is coming from an unlikely source. PayPal is rolling out a new mobile wallet with more options than any other digital wallet.

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