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Banks Losing Because of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are quickly becoming mainstream. Bank fees are on the rise again and it makes sense for many consumers to choose fee friendly options.

Is AMEX CEO Chenault Right as Geithner Successor?

Long time American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault is said to be a strong contender as a replacement for exiting Treasury head Timothy Geithner.

Big Week for AMEX, CitiBank

What’s next for CitiBank with its new leader? And can AMEX recoup some of its 3rd quarter losses?

Where Are Our Credit Card Extras?

Wondering where the protection extras are for your credit card? You might have been paying more than you realize – and CFPB is out to make sure you aren’t forced to do so.

AMEX Must Compensate Customers

American Express was ordered to pay $85 million to 250, 000 of its customers and CFPB is making sure it happens sooner rather than later.

Credit Card Industry In Arms Over Irresponsible Lending Practices

At a time when America is finally starting to get over the irresponsible mortgage lending habits of the previous administration the same issues are starting to rear their ugly heads in credit card practices.

5 of the Most Popular Business Rewards Cards

If you own a small business, you have probably thought about using a business credit card to help get things on your way. Take a look at 5 business cards to consider.

New Credit Rules for Overspenders

Even if you were holding out for some magical cure-all to the economic problems in this country, it’s likely you’ve come to some difficult conclusions in recent months.

Bank of America: No-Swipe Credit Cards

Bank of America is getting ready to present its own chip technology. It’s believed to be safer than the traditional magnetic strip.

Consumer Confidence Slips Again

Despite easier credit terms, consumer confidence remains alarmingly low as unemployment is consistent and spending hasn’t picked up the way economists had hoped.

Credit Card Facts You Didn’t Know

Sure, we know how much we owe on our Visa, but we bet you don’t know these facts. Take a look back at this credit card trivia.

A Credit Lesson for Wealthy Uncles

Alex Rodriguez is generous, especially with his family, but he’s disputing an otherwise legitimate charge to his American Express. Is he right, though?

What You Don’t Know About Credit Card Rewards

If you’ve ever suspected that somehow, somewhere down the line, it’s you who pays for those great rewards programs offered by your credit card, here’s proof that you’re right.

Why Business Owners Need AMEX YourBuzz

The American Express YourBuzz web app is an important element of any business owner’s social media presence. Learn more about the credit card company’s latest efforts in the digital world.

Pros and Cons of Paying 2011 Taxes with Credit Card

Ready for tax day? Before you use your credit cards to pay Uncle Sam, keep these tips in mind.

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