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Considering a New Bank?

Think it’s time to look for a new bank? Many consumers are. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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Green Dot <i>primor®</i> Visa® Classic Secured Credit Card

Green Dot <i>primor®</i> Visa® Classic Secured Credit Card

N/A*Intro APR


39*Annual Fee

DeLuxe Signature Shopping Credit Card

DeLuxe Signature Shopping Credit Card

N/A*Intro APR


N/A*Annual Fee

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Audacity: AIG Likely to Sue You, Me

New York AG Eliot Spitzer calls AIG’s announcement that it may sue the Government “insulting to the public”. Still, it could very well repay the generosity of the American taxpayer by suing.

Credit Card Companies Banned on Campuses

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is expected to sign a law that would ban credit card companies from stepping onto college campuses as other new laws are set to kick off, too.

FTC: New Rules for ID Theft Victims

ID theft is ever-evolving as thieves find ways to stay a step ahead. The Federal Trade Commission has new rules for consumers.

Is AMEX CEO Chenault Right as Geithner Successor?

Long time American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault is said to be a strong contender as a replacement for exiting Treasury head Timothy Geithner.

Preparing – Sort of – for 2013 Tax Season

Until the politicians can figure out how to deal with the fiscal cliff, we’re stuck with not knowing what to expect for tax season.

When to Declare Enough With Kids and Finances

It’s tough being a kid, but it’s even tougher for parents who are seeing more of their college graduates returning home to live. Younger kids get allowances, but parents aren’t using the money to teach them about financial responsibility.

eBooks Expire When Credit Card Expires

Remember DRM? It’s back in the news, but in a way that’s brought frustration to a new level.

JPMorgan New CFO Female Version of Dimon?

Marianne Lake was named as JPMorgan Chase CFO on Monday. Chase CEO Jamie Dimon made the announcement.

Technology, Shopping and Credit

Before you start your holiday shopping check out these great financial apps and money saving tools.

Debt Collectors & Social Media

For some time now, debt collectors have turned to social media in order to keep up with those with delinquent accounts. Here’s what they can – and can’t – do.

What Would George W. Say About Fiscal Cliff, Blame?

Before you hold President Bush accountable for current problems in the economy, there are a few things to consider.

One Year Later: Bank Transfer Day

One year later, does Bank Transfer Day still hold its own in the financial sector?

Georgia Discontinues Paper Checks for Debit Cards

Georgia will discontinue paper checks for those on its unemployment rolls. Instead, they’ll have the money deposited to a bank account or on a MasterCard debit card.

Gov. Haley Addresses Security Breaches

Governor Haley is giving daily pressers regarding the theft of hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers and social security numbers.

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