Sunday, October 20th, 2019

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Damage Control? BoA, Citi Offer 0% APR Credit Cards

Even as CitiGroup and Bank of America are reeling from the bad publicity that followed announcements of new fees on their checking accounts, both of the banking heavy-hitters, along with the other two that define the top four banks …

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The Domino Effect: CitiBank Announces New Fees

CitiBank is the next in what’s sure to be a long line of banks announcing new fees. Customers are more than a little upset and many are taking their business back to their community credit unions.

Unexpected Victims of Identity Theft

Children who come up through the American foster care system are often facing tough problems when it comes to establishing their credit. Many discover past foster parents have stolen their identities and racked up thousands in unpaid bills. A new …

Steve Jobs’ Influence in Defining the Present, Shaping the Future

Steve Jobs was so many things to so many people; few lives weren’t touched by his significant contributions to more than a few generations. His passing leaves a world grieving.

Timing’s Everything: ING Direct’s $10M Teen Banking Campaign

Capital One’s efforts to buy out ING Direct USA has just become more interesting. ING Direct unveiled its MONEY program today, focused on the teen and young adult banking and debit card sector.

Capital One: Ulterior Motive or Above the Board?

Should credit card giant Capital One be allowed to buy out ING Direct? Some critics say no, that it creates a “too big to fail” mentality that caused so many problems three years ago.

Politics and Consumer Debt

Think phone calls from debt collectors are brutal? If the federal government has its way, it will soon jump on the debt collection bandwagon with far more aggressive tactics than traditional collection agencies.

Bank of America Crisis

What’s in store for Bank of America this week? If Monday’s events are any indication, it’s going to be brutal. Occupy Wall Street has targeted its rallies on the steps of BoA World Headquarters and Twitter is alive & kicking …

$5 Debit Card Fees Have Arrived

Ready for the $5 debit card fees? If you’re a Bank of America customer, you may see it beginning as early as January, 2012.

Credit Card Debt: $92K Paid in 5 Years

Think you’re in too deep with credit card debt? This story will inspire you to keep your eye on the ball. Here’s one couple’s story of how they paid $92k in credit card debt in just 5 years.

MasterCard Raises $4M in “Eat, Drink & Be Generous”

MasterCard’s “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” campaign far surpassed expectations. Now, MasterCard is teaming with other brand to keep the fund raising momentum moving.

Priceless Redefined: Strategic MasterCard Move

MasterCard announces its newly defined Priceless campaign. Now called Priceless City Rewards, the goal is to target card holders who shop locally.

Steady Climb: Credit, Debit Card Fees & CEO Salaries

As a new report hit the airwaves on Monday regarding major changes in fees associated with debit and credit card fees as well as checking and other banking accounts, news also broke of astronomical pay raises some banking CEOs are …

Patent Infringement Suit Filed Against Visa, MasterCard

SmartMetric, Inc. filed another lawsuit in a federal court late last week. This suit is asking for damages from both Visa and MasterCard for patent infringement.

MasterCard, Visa Raise Stakes in Small $ Transactions

As if the new financial laws weren’t dizzying enough, MasterCard and Visa announce they’re changing the way transaction fees are calculated for small purchases.

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