Sunday, May 26th, 2019

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Bank of America’s Countrywide Regret

Whether or not Bank of America was forced to buy Countrywide is moot, it’s bigger problem is the federal lawsuit that’s been filed by the U.S. Government.

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Cyberheist Victim Sued by Bank

A recent phising scam resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being rerouted to a Russian bank. Now, the lawyer whose account was hacked and the bank that allowed it are prepared for a court battle.

Behind the Requests for CFPB to Extend Deadline

Yet again, banks and lenders are trying to thwart efforts of putting new mortgage rules in place. When will it end?

Of Course They Did: Banks Misuse Small Biz Funding

Many are demanding to know why billions of dollars set aside for small business owners went to repay TARP funds instead. Meanwhile, small business owners continue to struggle with fewer financing options.

Fannie, Freddie: Something Doesn’t Add Up

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is in the spotlight and it’s not going to be an easy road back for taxpayers or the mortgage insurers.

Student Loan Debt Worsens

Equifax released numbers this week that serves as a reminder that the economy isn’t good on all fronts; student loan debt is more worrisome than even credit card debt.

What is the Underground Economy?

With the economy is its mirror image: the underground economy. Here’s how it affects unemployment, retail numbers and credit card applications.

600,000 Tax Refunds Are Delayed

Not really coming as a surprise, the bickering in Congress over fiscal cliff has now resulted in an error in some software that will spell a six week – or longer – delay for some tax refunds.

Has it Become Easier to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a last resort, but one many have found themselves facing. You can rebuild, though.

Facebook’s Gift Card

We’ve all watched as Facebook tries to expand our dependence on it for all of our life’s decisions. Many of us, when we hear a rumor – whether it’s about a husband cheating on his wife in our community or …

Bank of America CEO Moynihan Receives Millions in Bonuses

Bank CEO salaries are released at the same time a new report comes out that is anything but good for SEC and nation’s banks.

Alabama Football Players Arrested for Stealing Credit Cards

Several Alabama football players are in legal hot water for assaulting and stealing cash and credit cards of other students.

Massive Int’l Credit Card Scam Bust

More than 25,000 illegal credit cards and 7,000 instances of identity theft have been halted as part of a massive international credit card bust. It might also have revealed weaknesses in the American credit bureaus.

Group Ceases Cyber Attacks Against U.S. Banks

al-Qassam Cyber Fighters announced they would no longer target American banks with their denial of service attacks. That could change though if other videos on YouTube aren’t removed.

Banks Losing Because of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are quickly becoming mainstream. Bank fees are on the rise again and it makes sense for many consumers to choose fee friendly options.

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