Sunday, May 26th, 2019

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Why a Surge in Credit Card Usage?

We’ve had some difficult news in the past few weeks, including a growing concern for both student loan debt and credit card debt. Employment is flat, yet we’re spending more.

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More Card News

Capital One to Close Some HSBC Units

There are big changes in the future for Capital One – all courtesy of its recent buy out of HSBC and its credit card division. Job losses are on the horizon, along with other changes.

Waitress Arrested for Illegally Scanning Customer Info

In another arrest, this time in south Florida, a waitress is caught skimming customer credit card information from a Chili’s restaurant.

Mortgage Rates: The Good, The Bad

Mortgage rates are at impressive lows but if you’re thinking they may drop even further, it likely isn’t a gamble worth taking. Now might be the best time to buy that new home.

FBI Says Credit Card Skimming on Rise

We know criminals like to stay a step ahead of the law when it comes debit card and credit card theft. Here’s the latest on what you can do to protect your identity.

The Link Between Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Today’s graduating college students are facing difficulties this country has never before seen. Bankruptcies are up and job prospects are down – all as credit card debt and student loans go unpaid.

White Powder Warns ‘You Are Not in Control’

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is alive and well in New York City on May Day. How well are its efforts meeting the goal, though?

Whistleblowers Say Chase Lawsuits Against Consumers Wrong

The more whistleblowers that come forward, the worse it looks for one of the nation’s biggest banks. JPMorgan Chase is facing growing backlash for its practices of suing credit card consumers, often when it’s unsure of what that consumer actually …

Minor Credit Card Scam?

Congressman Chris Murphy’s relection website was used as a testing ground for credit card thieves.

Bad News for Mortgage Industry

The good news is Costco is now in the mortgage sector, complete with lower fees. The bad news is new home sales are down and foreclosures are on the rise.

2+ Million Dead People Apply for Credit. Here’s Why

There’s a disturbing kind of identity theft, one that includes scouting the SSA’s Death Master File for those with ideal circumstances that would lead to credit card approvals and new car loans.

Buying a Home? Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Before applying for a mortgage, make sure your credit card debt is reasonable. There are more than a few things to keep in mind, including your debt to income ratios and employment.

Getting Religious About Credit

One pastor is taking his responsibilities a step further and helping his congregation avoid the temptation that arrives in the form of credit card offers. His methods? A little fire and brimstone does the trick nicely.

11 Benefit from Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit

It could have been thousands of plaintiffs in a massive class action lawsuit. Instead, Heartland Payment Services was ordered to pay damages to only eleven of those consumers who opted in.

Financial Literacy Month: Credit Card Tips

Wondering how many folks don’t have retirement plans? College funds for their kids? You might be surprised at the numbers. Here, BBB provides tips for Financial Literacy Month

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