A Credit Lesson for Wealthy Uncles


Alex Rodriguez, former slugger for the New York Yankees, should take a refresher course on credit card terminology. After an indulgent shopping spree with his niece, he’s now disputing charges on his AMEX.

A Niece, A Girlfriend and Impressive Spree

Rodriguez took both his 20 year old niece and his girlfriend on an impressive shopping spree recently. And when we say impressive, we mean a near $18,000 charge on his American Express Black Card. The ladies in his life left quite happy, but once his niece got home, her mom and Rodriguez’s sister, felt it was too much and told her daughter she would have to return some of the items. That’s where things became a bit complicated for Team A Rod.

Blue & Cream

The manager of the exclusive Blue & Cream Boutique in Manhattan said A Rod is a regular customer and is always happy with the store’s wares and this time was no different. Even as the manager said his girlfriend was a bit more aware of the cost of things and didn’t want to take advantage of Rodriguez’s generosity, his niece was in a slightly more indulgent mood. A Rod didn’t mind and happily covered the expensive threads for his sister’s daughter.

And Then Mom

Once his niece returned home to show her mom all of her great finds, Mom became concerned about how much money her brother spent and didn’t want to send the wrong message to her daughter. She called Rodriguez and thanked him for his generosity, but also told him that she had requested her daughter select just a few things to keep and then return the rest.

No Returns

What Rodriguez discovered after attempting to return the items is that the store’s policy is that items can be returned for store credit only. His management team then took over the matter and attempted to reason with the boutique. Still, management got nowhere either. So, Rodriguez is now disputing the charges, even though they are legitimate purchases made.

His best bet might have been to contact American Express for its assistance in resolving the matter. Instead, his young niece emailed the boutique and warned it that her uncle would be taking “further measures” if it did not refund his money. Rodriguez may discover that his dispute of the charges might not serve its purposes since the charges were made in good faith. That said, for such a loyal and repeat customer, it seems as though Blue & Cream would have made a wise choice by accommodating this long time customer, especially one that drops thousands of dollars with each visit.


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