Friday, August 7th, 2020

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Your Credit Cards and Health Care

Some consumers pay for their healthcare premiums with their credit cards. Then they find they must also charge any treatments and prescription drugs as well.

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Should You Judge Your Date on His Credit Scores?

That pesky recession is still wreaking havoc – this time, on our love lives. Should it matter if your romantic interest took a beating from a financial stance during the recession?

Elder Financial Abuse on the Rise?

We know financial crimes are on the rise, but the number of elder financial abuse cases are especially disturbing. Many seniors never report their crimes, making it even hard to rein in.

Small Business Owners Being Targeted

If you’re a small business owner, be on the lookout for a letter from the IRS that will make an audit seem like kids play.

So This is Life Out of a Recession?

When four out of five Americans are at or near poverty levels, priorities shift. It’s less about keeping up with the credit card payments and more about groceries and jobs.

The United Nations Financial Dream Job

In the financial sector, most believe a job with Visa or MasterCard is the “do all, end all”. But raise the bar: have you considered a position with the United Nations? It has an incredible position for those with financial …

Dollar General and Vermont Residents Not a Perfect Match

Vermont has made it clear: it doesn’t want Dollar General stores in its communities. Despite its ‘freedom and unity’ motto, it’s pushing hard to limit these stores.

IRS Credit Cards Bought Hooch & Porn

Think things couldn’t get worse for the IRS? It just did. Turns out, many of the IRS credit cards were used illegally in recent years, including tax dollars paying for booze and porn.

Easing Financial Stress

Know what your rights are as a consumer? Here are tips to handle collection agencies while lowering the financial stress.

Doctors Want Your Credit Cards, not Insurance Cards

Many doctors are steering clear of ObamaCare and instead are opting for concierge insurance plans that require your credit card instead of your insurance card.

The Recession as Gen X and Gen Y See It

It’s always interesting to mirror generations and the way they see their finances. Gen X and Gen Y are significantly different, especially when it comes to debt, student loans and their careers.

Massive Money Laundering Bust

Two founders of the largest money laundering scheme are facing charges of child pornography and credit card fraud.

Medical Identity Theft – You Need to be Concerned

You need to know the difference in identity theft and medical identity theft. Your very life could be at stake if your private medical information is somehow tainted with the one who steals your medical id.

Elizabeth Warren Wants Answers on Too Big for Trial

Elizabeth Warren is all about getting answers as to why the banks are too big to fail and why there haven’t been trials to hold bank officials accountable.

Fair Credit Reporting Law: Compliance Mandatory – FTC

It could be your information is being hacked by those willing to sell the information. The FTC is cracking down on those not in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Law

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