Considering Identity Theft Protection Service


When it comes to protecting your identity, you want to be sure you have the best protection available. After all, your identity is your most valuable asset. Your good name affects your ability to buy a car, buy a home, obtain loans, or even get a job.

Some identity theft protection services sell you features that are already free, such as; putting a fraud alert on your credit report, stopping junk mail, telemarketing calls, and providing you with a copy of your credit report quarterly. These are all steps you can take on your own without spending a dime.

Knowledge is power

If you are considering purchasing identity theft protection, you should look for a comprehensive program that includes some important benefits as part of their protection.

A good identity theft protection should begin by providing you with Education, Facts, and Knowledge pertaining to identity theft. The more you know about identity theft and how to prevent it, the lower your chances will be of becoming a victim.

Credit Monitoring

Most victims realize that their identity has been stolen after they finally review their credit reports. Identity theft protection should most definitely offer Credit Monitoring. Keep in mind that this feature should give you unlimited access to your credit report and credit score. You will be automatically alerted if changes occur on your credit report. With a Credit Monitoring feature in place, you can determine right away if this was of your own doing or someone else's. Obviously, catching identity theft before any major damage is done will benefit you tremendously.

Full Restoration Services

The most important feature an identity theft protection should include is Full Restoration Services. Identity theft can cost you an extensive amount of time and money and the complexity of trying to restore your identity can be overwhelming. Some companies claim to offer restoration services but in reality, they only assist you in dealing with an identity theft, meaning you are actually doing all of the work. You want an identity theft protection that will do all of the work on your behalf in the event you become a victim. There were 10 million victims of identity theft last year and knowing that everything will be taken care of is simply a piece of mind that you cant put a price on.

The identity theft protection that you choose should also cover your immediate family as well. Some identity theft protection services will charge you extra for each additional family member. Find a company whose Restoration Services covers you and your family.

Emotional and Legal Care

Legal and Emotional Care are also important features that a quality identity theft protection should provide. Legal support and ongoing emotional care can greatly help with the recovery process.

Reimbursement for Expenses

The identity theft protection that you decide on should offer Reimbursement for Expenses and Lost Wages. This will include reimbursement for legal defense fees, refilling of loan documents, time off work, long distance calls, and postage. Make sure it has a zero dollar deductible.

Member Services

When looking to purchase identity theft protection, find out if they offer any type of Member Services. After you become a member, you will want to make certain that they keep you updated on the latest news and data breaches. Make sure they grant you access to helpful resources and forums to keep you up-to-date and informed. Many identity theft protection services simply enroll you and that’s that. Identity theft is continuing to grow and become more complex with the evolving technology, therefore, your membership should include monthly newsletters, blogs, and a forum.


To ensure that you are truly protected from the fasted growing crime in America today, I urge you to choose an identity theft protection company that includes all of the above features.


We recommend following Identity Theft Solutions:

- LifeLock Identity Prevention

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