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Consumer (Shopping) Card Offer from Other Issuers.

Basic Information

  • NOTE: This card has been discontinued, and it is not available for application on our site.
  • Up to $350 initial unsecured credit line. Available credit lines can grow up to $1500.00 with on time payments.
  • This is a REAL credit card!
  • Immediate credit to purchase GAS (and other things) at over 850 stations near you!
  • Credit when and where you need it! Poor and limited credit history accepted.
  • Cash advances available when you are running a little short!*
  • Positive payment history is reported to credit agencies monthly and could improve your credit options in the future.

N/A* Intro APR

N/A*Intro APR Period

Accepts All*Credit Needed

N/A*Grace Period

See Terms*Late Payment Fee

APR: See Terms* Fixed
Card Network:Other Networks
Card Type:- Card for Bad Credit
- Guaranteed Approval
- Shopping Card
- Reward Card

Card Review

Product Rating:
Ratings (4.5 out of 5)

The Fuel It Plus is a shopping card that allows you to shop at over 1,000 retailers when you need to. It is a card that is good to have in your pocket when you find yourself in a bind. Chances are you have found yourself in a position where you have needed gas or groceries and you haven't had the cash. This card will take care of that for you and that means reduced stress for you.

To get the card, all you have to do is fill out a short online application, pay a small application fee, and that is it. When the card is used, there is a service fee that is a percentage of each transaction and that is the only transaction fee. There is also a late fee when a payment is made late and a returned payment fee when a payment is returned for insufficient funds. If you move your due date up to 30 days after the current one and a payment is due, there is a delayed payment fee. Keep the account in good standing and the service fee percentage could be lowered and the credit limit increased.

The review is prepared by staff. Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.


Other Benefits:*See Terms and Conditions for other benefits package
100% Guarantee Approval:Yes
Credit Reporting:Yes

Card Finance & Rates

Introductory APR:N/A*
Introductory Period:N/A*
APR on Purchases: See Terms* Fixed
Annual Fee:See Terms*
Minimum Credit Line:$350
Maximum Credit Line:$1,500

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:No*

Other Fees

Opening Minimum:See Terms
Application Fee:$4.95
ATM Fee:See Terms
Additional Fees: NSF (Returned Payment) Fee: $20.00
Delayed Payment Fee: $16.00


You will need a valid US checking account. Once approved, you can use the card immediately. You make purchases and we debit your account on the date or dates you select. The ChargeIt+Plus credit card is accepted at over 1,000 retail locations.

* The information provided for the Fuel it Plus Shopping Credit Card - Discontinued is considered to be accurate at the time of posting (Oct 1, 2019). However, we strongly advise site visitors to check the fees, terms and conditions applicable to the product on the card issuer's application page prior to completing an application.

Application Security

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