Applying For The Control Prepaid MasterCard


When you're ready to start spending your hard-earned cash online, over the phone and in person, you need the Control Prepaid MasterCard. Loading money on the card is easy, spending it is easier and other tools help you track spending.

How To Use The Card

The card is simple to use. Once the card is obtained online, it needs to be activated for features to begin. Applying for the card doesn't require much. No credit check will be run – the only thing that is needed is your name and address. After that, the card is in the mail to you.

There is a monthly maintenance fee charged to the account, but that's the only fee charged. No overdraft fees, no late fees and no interest fees hit the card because it's a prepaid card. This ensures no debt will be incurred. It's also possible to save money on the monthly maintenance fee is the account is upgraded to the discounted fee plan.

This card works as a debit card and MasterCard. Anywhere a debit card is accepted, you can use this card. You will have a 4-digit PIN to use and the transaction will go through. If the cash back option is available, you can pull out cash without visiting an ATM machine. If you do visit an ATM machine, you can avoid surcharges by going to one of the 30,000 plus AllPoint ATMs. MasterCard transactions can also be made. This is used all over the globe, allowing you to make purchases all over the planet. This includes gas stations, grocery stores, with online merchants over the phone and much more.

How To Load Money

The benefit of having a prepaid card is that all of your transactions are already paid for. In order for this to work, however, you need to have a number of ways that are convenient to load money into the account.

Direct deposit is an easy way to have money in the account at all times. You can have your tax refund, government benefit checks and even your payroll check go into your account. Often you will receive the deposit before you would have received the check. The money will appear immediately, making it convenient to have the money you want for whatever you want to purchase.

NetSpend Reload Network makes it simple to load money into your account as well. You can visit over 100,000 locations that will allow you to load money. You can do so with cash or a check – whatever is the most convenient for you.

Online transfers can also fund your account. If you know someone with a Control or NetSpend account, they can send you money. If you have another bank account or a PayPal account, you can fund your card through these methods as well.

No matter what, you will find easy ways to keep money on your card. You will never have to wait in line at a bank – many transactions can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Perks Of Using The Card

The Control Prepaid MasterCard is designed to simplify your life. You can buy whatever you need wherever you go. This includes shopping online, over the phone and in person. Plus you have a number of ways to load money on the card. There are other perks of being a cardholder as well.

  • Pay your bills
  • Manage your account online
  • Get text alerts
  • Contact customer service

You have the ability to pay your bills with the ExpressPayment service by Money Gram. This is a fee-based way to pay your bills but adds convenience. You can also contact your creditors and pay your bill over the phone with your Control account number.

Online, you can manage your account. Get account balances, statements and view transactions anytime you want.

Have texts sent to your mobile phone. You can find out when money has been deposited and what your account balance is to help you manage money effectively.

Customer service can be contacted at any time. You will be given a toll free number to talk to a representative any time you have a question.


Spending money without going into debt is possible. The Control Prepaid MasterCard allows you to spend anywhere, just like a credit card. The only difference is, you can only spend what you have loaded onto the card. You can apply for the card today.

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