Apply Today For The US Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Visa


Choosing the US Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Visa means you get more for your business. You have the opportunity to earn cash back on every purchase that you make. You can also enjoy multiple cards to provide spending power to your employees.

Apply For The FlexPerks Card

The FlexPerks card is easy to apply for. The application process is online, allowing you to fill it out when it's easy for you. You can choose when you want to apply – day or night. With a few basic details, you can be on your way to getting a card for your business. Once you submit the application, a credit decision will be provided within a minute.

Should you be approved for the card, you will be told what your credit line is. When you get your card in the mail, you will get more account details, including what your APR is. There is a variable APR on the card based upon credit worthiness.

After the card arrives, you will need to activate the card. You can then begin using your card. Benefits will begin immediately.

Business Cash Back Rewards

From the moment you start using your card, you begin earning cash back. You will earn 1% on all net purchases that you make. You have the ability to earn higher levels of cash back on gas, office supply purchases and cellular purchases. The more you purchase for your business with the card, the more cash back you earn.

There is no limit to what you can earn. Other cards limit your cash back per year. With the US Bank card, you buy what's needed for your business. As you make purchases, you always earn cash back. There's also no expiration, allowing you to keep spending until you reach the reward that you want.

You can redeem cash rewards when you're ready. You can log onto the internet banking site and make your decision. You can choose:

  • Statement credit
  • US Bank rewards card
  • Deposit into a US banking account

As soon as a $25 cash reward is reached, you have the option of requesting a credit. Otherwise you can let it sit in the account until you reach a reward that you wish to redeem at.

Other Card Features

Cash back is just one of the many perks with the FlexPerks business card. You can also enjoy other features just by being a cardholder. These can save you time, provide you with security and much more.

  • Visa buying power
  • Online account tools
  • Fraud protection
  • Toll free customer service number

The card features the Visa logo. This means you have the ability to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Whether you travel throughout the US or the world, you can make purchases for your business. You can book travel, purchase gas and make online purchases. When your statement comes, you have the ability to pay in small payments over time or avoid the interest and pay the statement balance in full.

Online account tools are provided to you. 24/7 account management is available with your secure log on. Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can find out about your account. Learn about your balance, available credit, past transactions and more. You can opt for paperless statements and view/download them from the internet. For convenience, your bill can be paid online, too. It can be scheduled in advance so you are never late with a payment. Customer service can also be contacted through the internet site.

Your card is always monitored for fraud protection. Notification is provided if there is suspicious activity taking place on your card. If a charge shows up that was put there through fraudulent means, you are not responsible for paying it. A quick call to customer service will clear that up for you.

A toll free number to customer service is on the back of your card. This enables you to get an automated system with account information. You can also use it to talk to a live representative about your account details.


When you get approved for the credit card, features begin immediately. You can buy what you need for your business and make affordable monthly payments. With fraud protection and other features, you can use the US Bank FlexPerks Cash Rewards Visa card confidently everywhere you go.

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