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Having a prepaid card allows you to make purchases anywhere without going into debt. The American Express Prepaid Card makes it easy to replenish your card and make purchases anywhere. You also get great benefits all year long.

The card is extremely easy to apply for. The application is online and takes just minutes to complete. Being at least 18 years of age is the only requirement because it is a prepaid card. Upon approval, a card will arrive quickly, giving you a way to stay out of debt and enjoy a number of perks all year long.

Stay Out of Debt

Staying out of debt is essential. You can do so easily with the American Express prepaid card. You will have the ability to prepay for all your purchases. You can then charge everything you need on your prepaid card. Use the card at merchants all around the globe. Pay for gas, groceries, travel and other items at your convenience. Use the card with merchants locally and online.

There are no fees to contend with. You won't pay an APR because you don't have a line of credit. You won't pay overdraft fees because you can't spend more than what's loaded on the card. You also won't pay late fees because there are no payments to worry about. Most importantly, there is no annual fee or monthly fees to deal with, either.

You can manage your money easily. A username and password will be created, giving you 24/7 access to your account online. This allows you to log in to view your balance, your transactions you've made in the past and much more.

Replenish Your Card in Many Ways

Replenishing your card is very simple. There are two ways to load your card when it's empty or you need more money on to make the purchases that are important to you.

  • Bank transfer
  • MoneyPak

You can make a bank transfer within minutes online or at various banks. The ACH transfer will send money from your checking account to your American Express prepaid card. Friends and family can also make transfers to help you out.

A MoneyPak can be purchased in thousands of participating locations. The amounts of these MoneyPaks can range from a few dollars all the way to $500. When you purchase the Pak, it can be placed onto your American Express online or by calling a special toll free number.

The Perks of Being a Cardholder

There are many perks to being a cardholder, allowing you to enjoy membership style benefits without actually owning an American Express credit card. These benefits include:

  • Online accounting
  • Roadside assistance
  • Purchase protection
  • Fraud protection
  • Global assist
  • Entertainment Access
  • American Express Selects

Online accounting gives you the ability to log onto the internet and gain 24/7 access to your account. You can view your balance, view transactions and also download your statement each month to your computer.

Towing and other roadside assistance is available. When you are broken down on the side of the road, this is a feature offered to you at no additional charge.

Items that are accidentally damaged or stolen which were purchased with your prepaid card are protected. Eligible purchases will be reimbursed so you are never out the money you spent.

Fraudulent activity is prevented at all costs. Should you ever experience charges as a result of fraud, you are not liable for any dollar amount. This protects you and allows you to use your card without hesitation.

Traveling is easier with global assist services. If you are more than 100 miles from home, you have American Express representatives at your fingertips. Call for legal and medical assistance and even help with travel documents that you may have misplaced.

Entertainment Access gives you access to tickets for the best in entertainment. You can find tickets to concerts that haven't gone on sale yet, sporting events that are sold out and much more.

You are also entitled to a number of other special offers just by holding an American Express prepaid card in your wallet.


You can apply for the card online with no credit check. Load as much or as little on the card at your convenience. Enjoy the features of the American Express Prepaid Card just as much as you would if it were a real credit card.

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