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Credit Card Offers

We are glad that you stopped by. We have spent a great deal of time gathering together the very best credit card offers for you - our visitor. We have everything you could desire -- including traditional credit cards, great cash back cards, affinity cards (the generous card), celebrity and sports cards for the enthusiastic fan, small business owners resources, specialty cards for the connoisseur, the motorist, the traveler and the biker. We have found cards for the top one percent of affluent clients, the homeowner, the professional, the cop on the beat, the teacher in the classroom, the struggling college student, the teen's first card and the perfect cards for individuals with challenging credit or very little credit history - and, especially -- for you.

We have amassed an enormous collection of fascinating offers and it will take a while for you to review them. Please bookmark this page; we want you to return as often as you wish -- without having to hunt for us. Invite your friends to review our selections. We want to help them select the perfect credit card also.

When you compare credit cards, and we have made that as efficient and energy conservative as possible (not to mention pleasant), you probably want to look for certain indicators. You may also come to this site with certain priorities and needs. You might want to ask yourself what goal you hope to accomplish using your credit card. Do you want to take it on business trips to ease the journey and to have a record of your business expenses? Or perhaps, you want to reap the advantages of great rewards programs to buy merchandise or get cash refunds? Normally, this would mean you charge a significant amount on your card and can build up rewards points.

Do you require a low interest rate and fabulous introductory offers? Introductory offers can be as low as 0 percent, normally for 6, 12 or 18 months. Do you currently have some credit cards that are eating your financial resources up with high interest rates? In that case you need good deals on balance transfers. This could mean no fees and low interest rates. Those deals are out there in the world of credit cards also.

Is your credit history in need of CPR? Things happen, illnesses and unemployment happen. It doesn™t take long to significantly lower a good credit score. First, order, read and understand your credit report. If you wish to repair your credit look for card offers for which you qualify and that report regularly to the three major credit bureaus. You can then use your prompt payments on the new card to paint an optimistic picture of your ability to handle financial responsibilities.

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your cards and the convenience and fun they can bring to your life. Therefore, we offer a few suggestions. Credit cards are a wonderful financial tool. However, similar to most tools, they can be utilized in disadvantageous ways. Too many cards, high interest rates, a slow payment history and carry over balances can create financial havoc and disaster. Use credit cards with extreme caution, until you feel completely comfortable with their role in your life.

As a special bonus we are offering this credit card use log (template Download and print it to keep track of your credit card spending. Every time you use a credit card record the information in your log. Charges can mount up in a hurry. ''Nothing seems expensive on credit.'' - Czech proverb. This proverb is quite true. Although, when the bills begin to arrive the expense can become quite painful. If you regularly record your charges you won't be at all surprised or dismayed later.

Sit back, make yourself comfortable. Pour up a great cup of robust, rich, steaming latte topped with whipped cream and cinnamon -- yummmm. Review our site and its amenities; we want you to have fun and to enjoy your visit with us. If there is anything that we can do to make your visit more satisfying, please contact us. Please come back to see us and bring your friends.