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How Soon Can You Apply For Credit Cards After Bankruptcy?

After bankruptcy, it can be easy to become eager about applying for new credit. The question is whether or not it is a wise decision. While bankruptcy does provide the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, a lot of discretion has to be used when applying for credit again for the first time.

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Can Some Frequent Flier Miles And Rewards Points Be Inherited?

What many people do not think about is what will happen to their frequent flier miles or their rewards points when they become incapacitated or die. Fortunately, there are some options that are available so those hard-earned points can be used by a charity, family member, or even a friend.

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The Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard Offers Benefits

The Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard is designed for those with average credit. The application is available online and a decision is provided in seconds. Card benefits range from online account tools to points earned with every purchase.

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Horizon Gold Credit Card Offers Unique Charge Card Benefits

The Horizon Gold Credit card pays for itself again and again by offering charge card benefits that are unique to it. Benefits include roadside assistance, fuel and pharmacy savings, and much more. Through low fees and these programs, there is a lot of money to be saved while enjoying a generous credit line.

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The Discover It Credit Card Is Easy To Use

The Discover It credit card is all about providing cardholders with more than other credit cards. Accepted at over 8 million merchants, the card can be used to make purchases around the globe. Cash back is earned and other benefits are available, too.

16/11/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Enjoy Benefits Of The US Airways Premier World MasterCard

A Barclaycard-powered credit card like this could make it easier to get where you want to go with the freedom to earn miles with every purchase as well as several opportunities to earn bonus miles. Other exclusive benefits include free companion fares, first class check-in, priority boarding on every flight, and much more all for a reasonable annual fee and competitive interest rates.

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The Unique Platinum Behaves Much Like A Traditional Credit Card

The Unique Platinum card is a merchandise line of credit that has no APR, low fees, few fees, and gives members access to hundreds of pieces of merchandise that they may need frequently. It also provides members with exclusive benefits, such as roadside assistance.

16/09/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

6 Steps For A Struggling Single Mom To Build Up Credit

As a struggling single mom, you want to be able to make ends meet comfortably and you want to move forward in life. To do that, you will need to build up your credit and do so carefully so that you can buy the car, the home, and other items you need in the future.

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Choose The PREMIER Possibilities Credit Card

Enjoy possibilities with the PREMIER Possibilities credit card. This MasterCard makes it possible to have buying power all over the world. Online account management and many other features are yours when you are a card holder.

16/07/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Take Advantage Of The USAA Rewards Visa Card

The USAA Rewards Visa provides a low APR as well as bonus points for purchases made. There are many ways to redeem the rewards, making it an easy card to apply for and enjoy. Other features also come complimentary with the card.

16/06/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Apply Today For The US Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Visa

The US Bank FlexPerks Business Cash Rewards Visa is all about features. FlexPoints are earned for every dollar spent. These can be translated into cash back throughout the year with no cap on rewards. Other features include online account tools, fraud protection and more.

02/06/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Benefits Of The Harley Davidson Visa Credit Card

Using the Harley Davidson Visa Credit Card gives cardholders an experience unlike any other credit card. Beyond earning points to use for free Harley Davidson stuff, there are other perks of being a cardholder, too. Cardholders enjoy no pre-set spending limit, online account management and more.

16/05/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard: Exclusive Travel At A Low Cost

The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is nearly identical to the no-fee version of the card of the same name. The difference is that this card allows for the earning of double rewards on all purchases and double bonus miles when the requirements to earn them are met.

02/05/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Serve From American Express Is Different Than Other Prepaid Cards

Cardholders can experience more benefits with Serve from American Express in their wallets. Not only do they have a convenient way to pay for purchases online, in stores and from a mobile phone but can enjoy other features as well. There is security, convenience and more with the card.

16/04/2013 - Credit Card Articles by / Read More

Camo Prepaid Visa® Card

Camo Prepaid Visa® Card
Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
Annual Fee: N/A*

Simmons First Visa® Platinum

Simmons First Visa® Platinum
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
APR: 7.25%*
Annual Fee: $0*

Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards (Good Credit)

Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards (Good Credit)
Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Intro APR: N/A*
APR: 17.90% - 23.90%* (Variable)
Annual Fee: $35-$99*

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